Lesson 68 – Five of Wands


The air is crackling today, a tension maybe?  A disquiet?

Some people are feeling scrappy, snappy, unsettled, there are a few little moments between folks here, a few little snippy comments.  Others are feeling hyper, laughing a little too loudly, playing but with that stretched energy of the overwrought child, where you know at any moment it will tip into distress; running too fast down hill.

This Five of Wands energy is  powerful.  Cards depict five staves, crossed, a pitched battle behind flames captioned “strife”, finger tips aflame.

This card is often seen as a card of conflict; everyone wanting their own way, each full of their own point of view and unwilling to back down.  This is a disagreement over things we hold dear, leading to tension, our passions and beliefs challenged leaving us feeling vulnerable and ready to fight back.

Another aspect in this card, I think, is creative difference.  Working with others on projects, we may find ourselves reaching points of disagreement.  Each of us holds our own perspective, we are all deeply driven to see this come to life.  This can be uncomfortable but it can also be a place which brings something new to birth.  The cauldron of creativity bubbles more strongly with added heat, and the transformation can be more magical and powerful as a result.

If you get this card in a reading you may be feeling tight and sensitive, there may be a lot of heightened emotion around, perhaps real conflict or a clash of ideas, you may need to take time to retreat and rest and regroup.  Go gently with yourself, get into the blanket fort if you need to.  Tend any burns gently.  But at the same time don’t be afraid to hold onto your own torch, your flame holds value and brings magic too.

Exercise 68

  • When in your life have you experienced the energy of the Five of Wands?
  • What tools could you gather in your own “burns kit” to support you when you encounter this again?
  • This card is often read with negative connotations: how might it be read as a positive energy?

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