Lesson 69 – Six of Wands

Here we are.  And it’s all about the bling! Wear whatever you have that’s shiny, I’m not joking.  Fetch the tinsel out of the Christmas cupboard, put on that plastic tiara you bought for last year’s costume party, throw on your dressing gown like a royal robe.

mountain top

This is the victory card.  For those moments when everything’s coming up roses.

In some of the cards I have a man sits on a green cloaked horse, holding a wand wreathed in laurels at a victory parade; a butterfly soars above a thicket of wands, blue and bold; a woman stands on top of a mountain waving a flaming torch.  This is the end of the marathon, the card of achievement and success, the Oscar podium moment, the graduation ceremony, the celebration in your kitchen after you nailed a day at work.

In a reading it points to successful times, to a coming success or to the achievement and abundance you’ve been working hard for.  For me it carries the warmth of feeling achieved and of accepting praise for work well done. The universe gives you a hearty pat on the back and toasts you.

Enjoy the mountain top, it’s a wonderful place to be.  Enjoy the party, the warm glow of this moment in the sun. Then get ready to stride boldly into the next valley, your head held high, wearing that invisible crown.

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