Lesson 70 – Seven of Wands


Step outside a moment.  We need to be ready for this.  Clench and release your hands, stretch your muscles. Breathe down to the soles of your feet. Draw on the wells of strength which bubble in your sacrum; behind good manners and social niceties.

Take a good look at your card/s.  What do you see?  Staves or sticks.  Figures holding them, defensive against the wands which point at them.  Faces full of rage, determination.  A flame in the darkness. A fist, clenched around a staff, emerging from a beating heart.

For me this is the card of fighting for your life.  Not physical life, but at the soul’s level.  Fighting for your art, for your passion, for what keeps you alive, for what gets you out of bed in the morning and brings sunshine on cloudy days.

This kind of fight requires will, choice, it requires daily choosing to stand up for what you believe in.  That might be causes or campaigns, the belief, for instance, that the world belongs to all creatures, not just human ones, that everyone needs clean water and enough food…it might also be the belief that each of us is a creative and passionate individual with a unique gift to bring to the world, that each of us deserves to shine in our own way.

Holding onto those beliefs, those heart-burning, soul-feeding truths in our lives can be a challenge in the face of capitalism, and societal expectations.  We are swimming against the tide of mainstream western culture, and it’s a  powerful counter-current.

This card reminds us of the struggle, the desire for freedom, and the determination, jaw set, eyes on fire, wands at the ready, which will enable us to birth our own magic daily and transform our world in the process.

Exercise 70

  • Listen to this song…
  • What do you believe is worth “fighting” for, both in the world, and in your own life?

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