Lesson 71 – Eight of Wands


It’s all going on here.  It’s exciting.  It’s terrifying.  It’s unexpected.  It’s full on.

My cards show many budding wands, eight wands being struck by lightning, meteors hurtling throught the sky, feasting around a roaring fire, powerful energy beams shooting from a warriors palms.

I have mentioned more than once in the group (come and join us :-)) how I find the cards mirroring my life as I’m working through this class.  A case in point from this week.  I went for a meeting at the local university about a job.  In my mind this was a speculative chat about the work they might be able to offer me.  Twenty minutes later the woman who runs the department is asking me how many hours I can do and saying I will have an office.  Suddenly everything is happening.  It’s exciting.  I’m also somewhat in shock.  Two days later I’m signing a contract, I have to reevaluate my calendar, shift some pieces of work, cancel others.  I feel a little off kilter, but also full of joy and anticipation.  The next few weeks look like they’ll be hectic as I rush to cram in the projects scheduled for a longer time frame.  I know this could lead to burn out.  But at the same time I know if I can negotiate it well, leaving the spaces I need, the outcome will be magical.

The Eight of Wands may be a warning, or it may be a promise.  Or it may be a bit of both.  Be aware of the power available to you in this place.  Be aware of the risks; you might be playing with fire.  Or maybe fire is ready to play with you.  Magic and alchemy await.  Life is unlikely to be the same again.

Exercise 71

  • Make a baking soda volcano, or throw some Mentoes into a bottle of cola.  If you were the volcano/ cola, what would that feel like?  To me this is Eight of Wands energy.
  • How might you handle this powerful, exciting energy without getting burned?  What will help you negotiate it and use it?
  • What might you need to do to be ready when the Eight of Wands comes to call?  How will you know?


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