Lesson 72 – Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands 1
Sun and Moon Tarot

Today is a day for respect.

Take your card, feel into its story. What do you see?  If you stepped into the card what would you feel?  What’s the emotion here?  What would this card and its character say to you if it could speak?

I see figures looking strong, determined, battle worn. I see power, I see grounded grit and perseverance.  The figures here tell me it has been a long journey.  There have been hardships along the way, certainly, the scars they bear tell the tale, but there is also hope, and a sense of achievement in spite of it all.

In this place, in this space you are to be honoured.  You have come through more than anyone will ever know.  And you’re still standing.  I bow to you.  To your spirit, your fire-filled, creative heart.  Your longing to see justice done, your dreams and imagination, your fierce love.

You have the power.

Nine of Wands 2
Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

Exercise 72

  • Rest now, for a while.  Soothe the scars, allow the bruises to fade.
  • Take yourself off into nature, your back yard, the local park, the woods or seashore.
  • Gather tools from nature, a small round stone, a sea-soothed piece of drift wood, a pine cone.
  • Create a talisman from your treasures, to remind you of your strength, determination and perseverance.
  • Honour yourself with a ritual to mark your trials and triumphs.


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