Lesson 74 – Page of Wands


It’s the end of the term, and we’re fortunate in class to have a visitor this week. She’s a firecracker, literally; lively, charming, a little bit chaotic and risky.  Welcome ladies and gentlefolks our Page of Wands.

Fire is the element of alchemy and transformation and this page brings with her an energy of change.

In my cards she is a snake curled into an infinity symbol around a budding wand, speaking of shedding skins which no longer fit and the possibility of new growth.  She is a brightly dressed fiddle player lost in her music.  Or a child watching over a fire, eyes aglow with wonder and mischief. She reaches up into stars above a tower of flames with a tiger at her heels. She is a fox, quick-witted and cunning or a stoat, alert, graceful, watching.

Listen to the wisdom of the Page of Wands in the coming weeks.  As I write we’re approaching Yule/ Christmas-tide.  Often this is a time of family gatherings, social occasions.  It is a time often burdened with tradition, patterns, expectations.  The Page of Wands encourages us to bring a little alchemy to this time of year.  To bring the magic of fire, of transformation to our seasonal practices, whatever our faith; to stay open to wonder and the possibility of doing differently.

Exercise 74

  • How can you work with the Page of Wands to bring transformation to your traditions and established patterns?
  • What can this Page teach you about everyday alchemy?
  • Where do you need more mischief in your life?
  • If you were to embody the Page of Wands what would this look like for you?
  • Light and candle, watch its flame dance, then make a wish and blow it out.  There is power and magic in our childhood dreams and beliefs.

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