Lesson 75 – Knight of Wands

horses-394205_1920Welcome class; how have you been?

Notices first.  There’s a free Facebook group to accompany this class.  Here you can access additional information such as deck review videos, ideas for practice and free spreads.  Come and say hi.

Today’s lesson considers the Knight of Wands.  If we connect our court cards with specific people then the Knight energy is that of the adolescent/ young adult.  Knights are often optimistic, driven, idealistic.  They carry the vibrant, external energy of their suit and element.  In the Wands this is fire.  You can imagine where this is going…

In my cards the Knight is often mounted, usually on a horse, though in one image on a lion (The Texture Tarot)!  They carry their wand like a spear, driving forward, there is movement and energy.

The Knight of Wands is a fiery character.  I have someone like this in my family.  Creative, with more energy than any normal human, sparky, warm, but also quick-tempered, not suffering of fools, swift, impulsive, determined to the exclusion of all else, focused.

When the Knight of Wands crops up in a reading it may refer to someone you know, or to an energy like this at play in your own life.  For instance, if I see the Knight of Wands in a reading for myself I might ask how I can engage more with this forthright, passionate, alchemical energy, and where I need to be aware of rushing in with too much fire…

Exercise 75

  • If the Knight of Wands cropped up in your reading, who might it represent in your circle of family or friends?
  • What would it be like to spend a day with this Knight?  Would it be fun? Comfortable? Inspiring? Dangerous?
  • How does this Knight spend her spare time?
  • How can you work with the energy of the Knight of Wands when needing greater energy or creative spark?

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