Lesson 77 – King of Wands

paints-1149122_1920The King of Wands.

We have explored King energy before.  You may see a throne, a male figure, a wand in some form in your cards.

Here we are combining the energy of Wands and the fire element with an outward energy, what can be seen in the world from creative endeavours?

Rather than describe this King our lesson today is practical.

Exercise 77

Time to get creative!

Grab your paintbrushes, pens, glue and old magazines.  Grap your whittling knife, warm up your vocal chords, tune your instruments, mould the clay.

Mastery comes through practice.  The outward sign of creativity comes through creating.

Embody the energy of the King of Wands in your sacred play 🙂

Come over to the group and share the magic you make.




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