Diving Deeper

diving deeper photo 1Welcome.  Come in.  Grab a chair.  There’s a kettle over there, tea bags, biscuits; make yourself comfortable.

In a change to our scheduled programme, this week I want to tell the class about a new opportunity.

After over a year of Tea Break Tarot School I’m opening up a new class.  The school here and our linked Facebook group will remain as a free offering with regular content.

For those who are ready and wanting to take their tarot study and practice to the next level the Diving Deeper class is accepting students, will the first lesson planned for the equinox (March 20th)..

I’m operating this through my Patreon.  There will be a monthly PDF and mentoring call, as well as some audio content including lessons and meditations. Diving Deeper members will be able to practice and connect with each other in the existing Tea Break Tarot School group.

We’ll be working together as we get our full tarot geek on, exploring different techniques for reading the cards, digging into the symbolism we find and developing skills for both personal and professional tarot practice.

As the content will be progressive, each lesson building on the next, your material will be emailed out to you individually, as you’ll be following your own path, depending on when you join the group.

If you’re interested in this offering then you can check out my Patreon page, or drop me a message on Facebook to find out more.


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