Lesson 80 – Two of Cups

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

Morning class.  In line with current government guidelines today we meet via Zoom.  You’re all sitting look attentive, but I know in truth we’re all in pyjama trousers and fluffly slippers.  My cat strolls past the camera,  the energy is relaxed and a little fuzzy around the edges.

How are you?

Life has taken strange and unexpected twists since our last class and I for one am on an emotional rollercoaster.  This is, then, a good time to working with the suit of cups.

Today we look at the two.

Take your card, observe it.  Take note of the card as a whole, its colours, shapes.  Now focus in on the details, what can you see?

I have (in my various cards):

  • Silhouettes of faces mirroring each other.
  • Cups and roses (The Wild Unknown and Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot).
  • Two hands meeting and clasping.
  • Two figures pouring different chemicals into a beaker over a bunsen burner, while energy fizzes around them (Steampunk Tarot).
  • Two deer-headed figures, male and female, liquid pouring from their hands into a cup, a flaming heart between them.
  • Two figures seated together in an embrace within a lotus flower floating under a full moon.
  • Two figures on a beach each holding a cup.

There is a lot of blue, and occasional splashes of red.

I will post pictures of my cards in our free Facebook group, to which you are all welcome.

This card is the card of chemistry, connection, relationships, romance, soul mates, twin flames, deep friendship, inner connection.  In a relationship reading it can be a sign of a possible new romance or an indication that the relationship needs attention.

It might also be about connection within. What are you passionate about, what brings about transforming energy in your own life, what chemistry are you cooking up in your soul laboratory?

Twos are a card of combining energy, what happens when two forces combine, what is the outcome? Do opposites attract, do similarities repel, like the magnets in secondary school science?

Exercise 80:

Use these prompts for reflection:

  • What have I learned from my significant relationships (romantic or friendships)?
  • When have I experience chemistry with others?  What transformation has that initiated?
  • Do I play well with others? How might I make these connections flow better?
  • What “lights my fire”?

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