Lesson 81 – Three of Cups

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot 3 of Cups
Image from the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

Morning all.  How are you faring?

Today we explore what I feel is one of the most joyful cards in the tarot.

Take your card/s and have a look.  What do you notice?  On many there are three figures, on mine these are all female.  They are standing, or sitting, or dancing, with glasses raised, as though toasting each other.  Often turned in towards each other, or with their arms around each other, there is a sense of closeness and intimacy, as well as celebration.

I imagine that these are close friends, they know each other well, they have shared good and bad times, been there for each other at the end of the phone when the world has collapsed, celebrated each other’s achivements.  Their friendship makes each of them stronger.

In the Eight Coins Tattoo tarot the card shows three cups stacked up next to two burning candles.  This made me remember the piles of dishes left after a meal spent with friends; the stories and laughter exchanged.  I see this as the memory of a deep connection and sharing.

When I read this card I see it as a message to seek out these times; to reach out to close friends, to seek the company of others, in person or online, to look for genuine, soul-nourishing connections; as a call to enjoy and celebrate with others, to play and relax.  It speaks to me of that feeling of connection which comes when you find kindred spirits.

Exercise 81

  • Reach out…send a message or set up a call with a friend or two.  As I write we’re in lockdown so meeting face to face isn’t an option here, but we can arrange virtual coffee dates and gatherings.  Enjoy the company of those who light you up.
  • How are you celebrating?  What are you celebrating?  Who do you want to share that celebration with?
  • Spend some time recalling good times shared with friends, look through old photos and memorabilia.  Is there someone you haven’t heard from in a while you can reach out to?
  • How are you making sure your “cup” is filled, how do you nourish and refresh yourself?

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