Lesson 83 – Five of Cups

Image from Free-Photos on http://www.pixabay.com

Enter the classroom  today to find a message scribed across the board; “There’s no use crying over spilled milk.”

I was told this growing up, maybe you were too.

The sentiment is that what’s done is done and there is no point getting upset, it is too late.

The Five of Cups is sometimes called the “spilled milk” card.

Words such as; regret, disappointment, loss, grief often come up with this card.

Figures in the cards are sprawled drunk on a bar, cups turned over next to them or standing regarding their turned over cups.

If you get this card in a reading you may have been having some difficult time, a loss or sadness, large or small, you may be feeling a little fragile, and also wondering what on earth to do.

Step one is to feel the feelings; it is good to allow our grief and sadness a place, allowing it to move through us gives us a greater chance to heal (rather than bottling it up to fester and pop up unpleasantly at a later date).

What I notice on some of my cards is that while there are spilled over cups, which is a cause for sadness, there are also two still standing, no everything is gone.

Also there’s often a body of water nearby…I want to ask the figures in the cards if they couldn’t pick them up and fill them up again?

Step two; when you’re ready, is to have a look around…where are the cups still standing?  All is not lost.

Exercise 83

No exercises this time.  Collectively, as I write we are in a huge time of loss and shift, many are experiencing illness or bereavement, others have lost their work or businesses.  Take the time you need to recover…and when you’re ready see what is here, now, in the new world.

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