Lesson 85 – Seven of Cups

Today’s lesson brings us some choices. The seven starts the final triplet in the pip cards. In this position it presents a conflict or challenge to be resolved in these three cards. In the images I see:

  • a woman, a snake wrapped around her arm, face veiled, from a giant golden cup
  • six upright cups and one overturned I see
  • cups balanced around a house of cards, precarious, risky
  • a card depicting the morning that comes with choice, the inevitable sense of loss when we choose one door and close others
  • an array of fantastical cups presenting wonderful opportunities

Sometimes choice is challenging.  It can leave us stuck, wondering which way to turn.  What do we really want? What is our best option?  What will be the outcome? It can be hard to know this at the point at which we have to make our decision.

If you pull this card in a reading you may be facing hard choices, or temptation.  This is not the clear-cut decision making we might find in the swords; it is a choice that leaves us feeling churned up, paralysing us.  It’s a time to be mindful, giving ourselves the grace to make the choice from where we are now, not expecting ourselves to be able to know the results.

While making the choice may be difficult it does allow us to move forwards from a place of stagnation and onwards in our journey.

Exercise 85:

Try this spread to help you with any challenging decisions.

Decisions, decisions spread-1

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