Lesson 89 – Page of Cups

Today our class is taking a trip to the beach. You hold the picnic blanket, I’ll bring the sandwiches. She has the chairs and he has the windbreak. It’s going to be epic.

To work with the court cards for the Cups we’re going to observe them on a family day out at the seaside.

The Page is the youngest. She is around four, or maybe seven. Not past the age of loving Christmas, not yet cynical. Full of energy, keen to explore.

See her now down at the shoreline with her toes in the waves, jumping over each as it comes in, then losing herself in collecting seashells or exploring rock pools.

The Page of Cups brings a child-like energy. We can read this card as referring to a child in our lives, perhaps we work with children, or have nephews, nieces or children of our own.

We can also read it as a call to embody and embrace this kind of energy. If we are feeling emotionally blocked or there is emotional heaviness this card calls us to reconnect with the spirit of playfulness.

Maybe we are looking for a new love, this card would suggest that we need to start by finding someone we can enjoy spending time with, someone who is happy to join us in a game of crazy golf or build a sandcastle with us.

When we are facing emotional challenges it asks us to keep it simple, remember what made us happy or brought us comfort when we were smaller humans and use that to get us through.

Exercise 89:

To connect with Page of Cups energy engage with any kind of water based activity; kayak, paddle, swim, take a bath with a rubber duck, have a water fight, go rockpooling, visit a local river or stream to watch wildlife, go pond dipping.

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