Lesson 90 – Knight of Cups

How are you enjoying our trip to the seaside?

I hope you don’t have sand in your sandwiches; maybe later we’ll get ice-cream…

The Knight of Cups is the next member of the family who comes into view. He is a younger person. Likely in his teens or early twenties. He has brought some friends with him and they are out in the surf with body boards. Such larks.

There’s a feel of recklessness in this energy, a desire to be seen and also to push at boundaries. He looks like he’d be fun to hang out with, but maybe not always the most sensible of souls. He is John Cusack in the Sure Thing or Say Anything, hopelessly romantic.

As with the Page when you pull this card in a reading it could refer to someone of this age group in your life, or is a call to plug into this energy. In romance or relationships it could be a call to re-embrace the energy of young love, to be prepared to take risks.

It could also be a warning that someone you’re involved in is moving too fast, or throwing caution to the winds and a little temperance is needed.

If the Knight of Cups shows up in your reading you can be sure that things are going to get moving one way or another.

Exercise 90:

Watch a cheesy rom-com and see if you can spot the Knight of Cups.

Can you remember what it felt like the first time you fell in love, or discovered a passion in your life? Reconnect with that energy, feel how it moves through your whole being creating energy.

Write a dating profile for the Knight of Cups; who would they be looking for to partner with? What would be their key characteristics, strengths and weaknesses?

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