Lesson 91 – Queen of Cups

Wow, it’s getting warm.

We are still on our imaginary seaside trip with the class. Some of us have been working on an epic sandcastle, while others have been collecting shells. We sent someone to get ice-creams and they dropped one and a seagull ate it.

Our next study is the Queen of Cups.

She is seated in a deckchair, sunglasses on. She is smiling as she watches the younger members of her family enjoying the water. She has been swimming earlier herself, like a porpoise, but now she’s got her laptop out and she’s getting on with some work.

I think she’s probably a counselor or therapist, perhaps she’s a psychic or an agony aunt writing a column for a magazine.

She is self-possessed and emotionally grounded. She has done the self-development work herself, she knows what makes her tick. She is compassionate and equally brooks no nonsense. She will listen with love in her eyes and then tell you exactly what game you’re playing and suggest tools to help you get out of your bind.

The Queen might refer to a woman of your acquaintance in a reading, or may be a call to embody this kind of energy.

She holds the energy of inner work, of self-knowledge and self-exploration. For those of us exploring a mystical path she is a great ally to support us as we strengthen our intuition.

Exercise 91:

Take some time to explore your personality type to connect with Queen of Cups energy; perhaps start with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Enneagram; what does this bring up which resonates/ challenges you?

Seek to embody the Queen of Cups for others by practising active listening.

How can you fulfil the role of the Queen of Cups for yourself; how can you use your intuition to be your own guide?

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