Welcome to Afternoon Tea

Welcome to part two of Tea Break Tarot School.

This is a free tarot school hosted in blog format. We began in January 2019 and posts to date have covered tarot basics and taken us on a journey through each of the seventy-eight cards in the deck.

In part two you are invited to join us for “afternoon tea.” The focus now shifts from studying individual cards to combining them into readings, creating spreads and moving on to aspects for consideration when reading for others.

Now is a good time to take an inventory of your tarot journey so far. Tidy your decks, review your notebooks. If you are joining us for the first time you can find an index of previous posts here .

This is a self-paced course with the aim of creating an accessible route into tarot for anyone who is keen to learn.

If you would like to join with other tarot students then you will be most welcome in the Facebook group.

And if you have any questions you can contact me via my website.

Looking forward to the next part of the journey 🙂

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