Storytime continued

In the last post we looked at telling the story in one card, exploring colours, images, the characters and possibilities seen there.

In this lesson we’ll look at working with two or more cards.

Begin by choosing two cards at random and set them side by side. Now imagine that these are two images in a story book, or still frames from a movie.

Repeat the exercise that you worked with previously (here) working with both cards.

In the first frame the story begins in the second it continues or we see a conclusion. Remember this can be as creative as you like. Free associating with the words that the images inspire, or with quotations or songs that spring to mind, helps us to construct our own meaning, and a “reading” that is both unique and drawn from our own experience.

How would you tell the story of these two cards?

For me this carries the energy of Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers blocked by parental disapproval.

If I take that tale further into a reading, I would get a sense, from my story, of passion blocked by structures. Perhaps the desire to create blocked by the “ought” of being sensible and plugging in to the 9 – 5, an either/ or dichotomy.

Once you feel confident with your two frame story extend it to three with a traditional beginning/ middle/ end format.

You can turn this into a tarot game with one or more friends, each picking a card and telling the next part of the story, like the game Consequences…let your imagination run free!

All of these practices help you to connect to your cards and to your own innate storytelling abilities, they break down the barriers we often live with around “getting it right” or the “true meanings” of things, and allow our intuition and creativity to flow.

If you’re enjoying these posts then please do come and join us in the Tea Break Tarot group. It is a safe and inclusive space run by a queer witch for tarot mavens and explorers alike. Looking forward to welcoming you.

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