Counting down to Yule

We are beginning to think about our Yule preparations here. My children are grown up now, however the excitement of the festive season lingers. One of my favourite traditions is the advent calendar.

While advent calendars and candles are closely linked with Christian traditions, I was pondering how I could find a way to “count down” to Yule and celebrating the return of the light with a more witchypractice.

I am conscious at this time of year of reflecting on the months past and pondering intentions for 2021. With this in mind I’ve created 22 days of tarot prompts, following through the Major Arcana.

These will be posted in the Tea Break Tarot Group (which is free to join!) and on my Instagram from Sunday 29th November. A chance to reflect and regroup at the year’s close and connect the Fool’s Journey with our own lived experiences.

Brightest blessings.

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