Tea Break Tarot School live

At Samhain I went to Curiosity Coffee in Canterbury to host some ten-minute intuitive tarot tutorials. It reminded me how much magic exists in live teaching interactions, how sharing learning opens up new insights and possibilities.

With this in mind I’ll be opening the doors to the first live cohort of Tea Break Tarot School in January.

Back when I started this project the aim was to provide ten-minute lessons that could be accessed over a quick cuppa in the middle of a busy day; while the baby was asleep for half an hour, or the spuds were boiling…the materials will remain open access here.

The live class will be held over two years and includes:

A monthly live Zoom mentoring call (recorded for access if you’re not able to join live).

Peer pairings for practice and support

Regular reflective assignments to track your progress and map your learning journey

A certificate of completion detailing topics covered on receipt of your final reflective assignment.

Class will begin on Saturday 23rd January 2021 at 6pm GMT and the calls will be recorded for those who aren’t able to join live. Bookings are open now at the early-bird rate of £111, contact me if you’d like to discuss payment options.

I will be available to answer questions in the group, come and say hello 🙂

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