Desert Island Decks

When I first started using tarot I was looking for answers. A personal health crisis and news of a life-limiting illness within the family, coupled with mid-life transitions had me brim full of questions and eager for guidance as I navigated these previously uncharted waters.

I spent a long while buying decks. I think on some level I was looking for the one that would finally provide the missing piece (or is that missing peace?).

It was over two years into my tarot journey when a small voice spoke up, somewhere at the back of my conscious thoughts. Hold on a moment, she said, arms folded, what if the answer isn’t “out there”, what if you won’t find it in a tool or teacher…what if it’s inside you and you just have to give it time to get out?

I had been looking all over for my answer and found, like Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, that it was right where I had been all along.

With this in mind I grew to realise that my decks were helpful allies in my inner quest, and for supporting me as I steered life’s oceans, but the answers were ultimately something I had to uncover within. I realised that on some level one well-known deck would be enough.

We’ve been having a discussion about favourite decks in the Tea Break Tarot group, and it inspired me to ponder this. If you were cast away on a desert island, which would be your desert island deck? Which one deck would you take for support and guidance? On the radio show they get eight tracks, one book and one luxury…what would this look like for your own magical and divination practice, what are the handful of tools that you really need?

In the run up to the festive season we can easily get caught up in purchasing and longing for “new” and while that can be fun it can also leave us tight and dissatisfied. Maybe now is a good time to take a step back to be thankful for what is here already, the tools which have brought us this far, to ponder whether new is going to bring what we are seeking or whether there is an ally in our existing supplies that we could get better acquainted with…rather than going further out, can we go deeper in?

Bright Blessings, Fiona x

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