Charm Oracles 101

Charms give wonderful, clear guidance and they are great fun to work with. Rather like Lenormand they are direct and no nonsense in the readings they give, whether you’re looking to read for yourself or incorporate charms into your readings for clients.

I started working with charms as a divination tool in 2017, after taking New Age Hipster’s Totally Spiritual class . Passionate about all forms of divination I began researching and looking for tools online. I could find very little. A small but insistent voice within reminded me that before the internet people would have to find these things out for themselves, through study, practice and their own connection with Spirit.

In the spirit of exploration I set to work.

It started with a bag of mixed charms from Amazon. I sorted out duplicates and any which I didn’t like the look of. Next I began noting down what I felt each charm would mean in a Word document. I would take time to get quiet and then see what messages came through. An angel wing charm could mean blessing, a key could mean that an answer was coming, an elephant would mean “stay strong.”

I continued working with charms, sometimes using them on their own, or with other oracles such as tarot cards to give depth to my readings. When I opened my shop in 2020, I remembered how difficult it had been to find sets of charms when I started out. I thought I would stock a few sets just in case anyone was interested. Each set would be a unique creation, intuited for the person buying.

Over time I wanted to share my discoveries and passion for charms, I ran a workshop on charm reading in the autumn of 2020 and published a small book Creating and Working with Charm Oracles in early 2021.

If you are interested in reading with charms but not sure where to start I’ve created a free video series to explore the basics. You can find the series on the Tea Break Tarot School channel here. There are eight short videos covering:

  • Choosing your charms
  • How to divine meanings
  • Cleansing your charms
  • Reading charms by pulling or casting
  • Using charms with other oracles such as tarot

If you’d like to ask any questions you can find me via these links.

Wishing you joy on your “charmed” oracle journey.

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