22 Ways – A Tarot Pilgrimage

Back in 2001 I began a “retreat in daily life”. I had been wanting to work through the spiritual exercises of St.Ignatius for a while but as a young parent with a five and three year old the option to depart on a month long solo retreat wasn’t an option.

I found a local spiritual director trained in guiding the exercises and began a year long journey of daily reading, meditation and reflection. This was one of the most significant spiritual experiences of my life, transformative in ways that can only be known if you’ve ever been on such a journey.

When I began thinking about my practical project for the priestess class I’m working with at present I was reminded of this experience. “Pilgrimage” does not necessarily need to involve far-flung places and (currently proscribed) international travel. We can journey right where we are, in our everyday experiences and environments, and discover ourselves “knowing the place for the first time” as new understandings unfold for us.

In 22 Ways we will make a virtual pilgrimage and retreat in our daily lives. We’ll begin with a live call on July 5th to set our intentions and pack our metaphorical travelling bags.

There will be reflections over the following weeks on each Major Arcana card as we make a vision quest with the Fool on their journey, carrying out our own pathwork as we do so.

On Sundays there will be space to rest and integrate our explorations.

At the close of our journey we will share space to reflect on both the journeying and the place we have come to.

For the duration there will be a pop-up Facebook group for sharing.

I will be posting all the content without charge in public posts through my Patreon. (To receive notifications you’ll need to create an account and “follow” me).

I hope to see you on the road 🙂

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