Put the cards down and step away from the pendulum

The past few months I’ve been pulling cards less often.

I found that when I pulled cards or did a spread what came out was the same. I felt stuck, a bit confused, divination has been a reliable friend and ally in navigating life’s often stormy waters and getting me through tricky and unpredictable times.

Now, though, I felt let down.

The other day, in the middle of getting ready for work, I grabbed my Enchanted Forest deck from the bookshelf and pulled a card. Let’s see, I thought, what is going on.

I pulled the Seven of Visions.

It describes a visit to a magical pool where you can seek guidance.

It also gives the wisest advice I’ve heard in a while, a much needed reminder.

That if seeking guidance from divination is creating confusion, then stop.

I realised that maybe the reason I wasn’t getting any guidance through was that I’d already had it. That I needed to put into practice and work through the information I’d already been given.

I often see posts about daily cards, and certainly at times this has been part of my practice. However as with anything there are challenges linked to overuse. We seek guidance from oracles in order to create powerful changes in our lives, in order to dig into our intuition and access the wisdom that is often hidden from us by our conscious minds. Once we have received our message then the time comes to work that through.

I think that I come back to the cards repeatedly when I don’t like the answer they’ve given me. I pull from different decks to see if there’s a different message. Maybe Spirit was having an off day? Maybe the signal from Source wasn’t great when I did that reading…maybe there’s a way to shortcut my way to having it all sorted out?

This of course isn’t the case. It’s born of a desire to escape the hard work of doing the work.

Life for all of us has been challenging the past eighteen months. I expect we’d all like to feel that things were going to “settle down” and we could get back to something comfortable and “normal”. Maybe we pull cards because we want to see this return to what was on the horizon, we need the reassurance, lost as we are in an unfamiliar landscape.

Our divination tools can be great helpers on our life journey, but there are also times when it is ok to set them down and get on with getting on. Sometimes it is enough to do what is in front of us, and not have big plans for the next year or five years or ten years.

Sometimes its ok to just take the next step.

If you find that your cards don’t seem to be “working” for you then it is ok to set them aside for a while. You won’t suddenly lose the ability to read them or fall off your spiritual path. They are tools to help you and if they aren’t helping at present its ok to leave them aside for a while and rest in the moments where you are.

Gently does it.

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