Create Your Own Dice Oracle

Divination dice are fun. For me they conjure memories of board games or the action of casting knuckle bones.

You can use dice for yes/no answers, for instance taking a six-sided dice and allocating yes to even numbers or no to odd numbers.

You can also use one or more dice to create your own oracle system.

I used three twelve-sided dice but you could use any dice and any number.

As with most oracles you need to divine your messages. With dice this works on the basis of ascribing a particular message to a specific number.

Create yourself a quiet space, brew a cuppa of your favourite magical tea, light a candle and begin. I began by noting down all the messages I could think of which might help me gain clarity in the day to day. A few came through as downloads but many were common sense, for instance, take a break, give yourself time to decide and so forth.

I then began allocating messages to numbers. I worked using correspondences from tarot, for example giving a message about inner strength to the number eight to match up with the energy of the Strength card, you might like to allocate numbers according to the order the messages come through in or by some other system, such as birthdays or significant dates.

You can make a playful “fortune telling” dice set or you could create a specific oracle for use in a special circumstance; if you were planning on seeking a new job you could allocate messages about how to go about your task, or if you were about to launch yourself into online dating your messages could be about listening to your gut, doing your research, being yourself, staying safe and the like.

You can see an example of a dice oracle in the shop here for reference.

Dice make an enjoyable and inexpensive oracle tool, hope you enjoy playing 🙂

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