Going live, in three, two, one…

Tea Break Tarot School has been alive for three years now. I started this free class to share with anyone who wanted to learn to read tarot for themselves intuitively.

In 2021 I rewrote all the original posts to create the Tea Break Tarot School Tarot Playbook (which you can find here).

Now it’s time for something new, I wanted to create a more interactive way of sharing this content and maintain a core offering that’s free (especially given the whole Five of Pentacles vibe of current global economics).

Drum roll please…This is the next stage of Tea Break Tarot School (are you ready?)

Starting on Monday 13th June 2022 I’ll be offering all lessons again as videos on my You Tube channel. These will be between five and ten minutes long to keep to the spirit of learning in small bites and in the time it takes to have a tea break. We will run through one round of lessons in the group this calendar year (all being well).

I’ll also be offering a series of engaging and interactive virtual workshops for group practice and additional learning including work on expanding your readings, different spreads and reading for others.

If you’d like to follow the videos you’ll be able to find them here and you can also join the group here to share your learning and tarot play with others.

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

2 responses to “Going live, in three, two, one…”

  1. hi and congrats. sounds like a great idea. i’m not on FB…but…i recently bought your book and i am enjoying it.


    1. Thanks Jojo, if you’d like to know about the workshops let me know as those won’t be on FB x


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