Starting Your Tarot Journey

Image from Jordan_Singh on Pixabay

This week I’ve begun a video series on my channel (which you can find here) based on my Tea Break Tarot School blog and book.

In these first lessons we look at what you need to get started, the structure of the deck, the Major and Minor Arcana, and some ideas about what tarot is (or isn’t !).

If you’d like to follow the series click subscribe to be updated when I post new videos. My plan is to post throughout the work week though that was before I was starting a new temporary job next week so we’ll see how it goes (#lifestuff).

To join our Tea Break Tarot Facebook group go here, and if you love what you read here on the blog and see in the videos and would like to buy my book you can find it on Amazon (in the UK it’s here).

Thanks for being here, now get that kettle on, brew up, grab a deck, and let’s get started!

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