I’m Fiona Beth, here for modern witches, mystics, spiritual geeks and seekers. I believe we all have a spark of magic within us and the purpose of our life is to unlock that magic.

Tea Break Tarot School is the alchemy created from over fifteen years’ professional teaching experience, a love of writing and my life of everyday, working witchcraft.

I have been on the mystical path for over thirty years. I work with earth-based wisdom grounded in the sacred feminine, my Celtic ancestry and the folklore of the U.K.

I live with three generations of my family and four cats among the apple orchards of East Kent, in the U.K.

What People Say

I had a reading with Fiona and was amazed by the accuracy. Fiona was spot on with where I currently am in life and picked up on things I was thinking of doing to work through my current situation. Fiona is full of wisdom and guidance and has such a gentle way about her. Thank you so much

Lisa, Swansea, U.K.

Fiona gave a very accurate reading. She has not known me for several years, and yet she accurately described current events and future events with no errors. She gives readings the only way she knows how: in her loving and kind-hearted way. She puts great care and attention into accurate readings, and you can feel her warm personality shine through.

Mark, Cheyenne, U.S.A.

Fiona is a beautiful intuitive soul. Whatever she does: Writing, readings, tarot school comes from a place of deep wisdom. She is encouraging, insightful, and spot-on in all that she offers. I am so blessed to have found her. You will be blessed by her too.

Michelle, Chandler, U.S.A.

Unlock your magic.

Fiona Beth
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