Lesson 6 – The Court Cards

Morning.  Notices first (settle down at the back there…) here is the promised grounding exercise. This is for after your tarot work.  It’s super simple but gives you an idea and a tool until you’re happy doing this for yourself. Next a reminder that this is self-paced, come as you are course.  Lessons are aimedContinue reading “Lesson 6 – The Court Cards”

Lesson 4 – The Fool’s Journey

Hello and welcome back.  How’s it going?  Let’s review the journey so far: you have your cards, you’ve decided on your rituals and you’ve had a chance to connect with and “interview” your deck.  We’ve also touched on a brief overview of tarot including the Major and Minor Arcana. Today we’re going to dive aContinue reading “Lesson 4 – The Fool’s Journey”

Lesson 3 – What is tarot?

Good afternoon. Firstly some class notices: I’ll be posting lessons weekly. If you follow the blog you’ll get a notification when the next lesson is up! School close occasionally for holidays. You can get in touch via Facebook and Instagram (see links in the side bar).  Hello friend 😉 So how are things in yourContinue reading “Lesson 3 – What is tarot?”

Lesson 2 – Rituals and Sacred Space

Good day to you, student of the cards. How did you get on with your tarot wishes? Today we’re going to talk about some preliminaries.  But before we start take a moment.  Put your feet flat on the floor and take three, slow, deep breaths.  Allow yourself to be. Let’s begin. Remember these lessons andContinue reading “Lesson 2 – Rituals and Sacred Space”