Lesson 86 – Eight of Cups

Today’s lesson finds us in the classroom tidying. We are getting near to the end of our foundation lessons now. We have explored ways to approach reading the cards and travelled through the Major Arcana. We have visited with the Pentacles, Swords and Wands and are close to wrapping up our work with cups. IContinue reading “Lesson 86 – Eight of Cups”

Lesson 80 – Two of Cups

Morning class.  In line with current government guidelines today we meet via Zoom.  You’re all sitting look attentive, but I know in truth we’re all in pyjama trousers and fluffly slippers.  My cat strolls past the camera,  the energy is relaxed and a little fuzzy around the edges. How are you? Life has taken strangeContinue reading “Lesson 80 – Two of Cups”

Lesson 79 – The Ace of Cups

There’s a show and tell at the front of the classroom today.  Everybody has brought in their favourite cup, glass or mug.  We admire the different patterns, materials, the textures, the stories which are shared. A cup is a container, a vessel, it gives shape and form to the flow of liquid.  It allows usContinue reading “Lesson 79 – The Ace of Cups”