Put the cards down and step away from the pendulum

The past few months I’ve been pulling cards less often. I found that when I pulled cards or did a spread what came out was the same. I felt stuck, a bit confused, divination has been a reliable friend and ally in navigating life’s often stormy waters and getting me through tricky and unpredictable times.Continue reading “Put the cards down and step away from the pendulum”

Divination Inspiration – a recipe for reading.

I love divination. Divination is more than just tarot or oracle cards. It covers many different modalities and tools. When we engage with these tools for the purpose of seeking wisdom or to connect to the divine we are practising divination. Divination is something most of us have done at some point in our lives,Continue reading “Divination Inspiration – a recipe for reading.”

Tea Break Tarot School: Tarot Playbook

We began this journey in January 2019. I was eight months into living with my folks and helping care for my mum, still caring for children and trying to manage some work on the side. Rather than the freedom I had hoped for once my children reached adulthood, I found the walls closing in againContinue reading “Tea Break Tarot School: Tarot Playbook”