Lesson 16 – The Lovers

As I’m writing this we’re approaching Valentine’s Day.  The shops are full of cuddly toys, red roses and boxes of chocolates.  This isn’t the kind of love that this card represents for me though. This can be a tricky card to work with, especially when reading for other people.  For a lot of people thisContinue reading “Lesson 16 – The Lovers”

Lesson 14 – The Hierophant

Hello.  Thanks for being here today.  I like to imagine you in your place, cards by your side, beverage of choice steaming gently, stealing ten minutes from the bustle of the daily.  Well met, wherever you are. It’s the end of a working day and suddenly I realise I have spent most of it embodyingContinue reading “Lesson 14 – The Hierophant”

Lesson 12 – The Empress

Morning class.  How’s it going?  How did you get on with The High Priestess?  I like to imagine that I’m spending time with these people on the cards.  What do they feel like?  I feel better when I’ve spent time with the High Priestess, but also a little bit unsettled, I can’t hide anything fromContinue reading “Lesson 12 – The Empress”

Lesson 11 – The High Priestess

Welcome, make yourself comfortable, it’s good to see you.  Remember this is a self-paced course and lessons are aimed to take no longer than it takes to drink a cup of tea.  There is no time limit, no deadlines.  Take the journey at your own pace, enjoy the scenery, allow it to unfold in itsContinue reading “Lesson 11 – The High Priestess”

Lesson 10 – The Magician

Good morning.  Settle down with your mug and take a few deep breaths, phew it’s crazy out there… Notices first.  Someone raised this in the group (for which I’m really thankful, because I had forgotten to mention it…) reversals.  Reversals are where you read cards when they are upside down.  So if you turn upContinue reading “Lesson 10 – The Magician”