Lesson 78 – The Suit of Cups

Here we are, beginning our journey through the final tarot suit!   Stand with me.  Face the west.  Call upon the spirits of water; mermaids, dolphins, kelpies and selkies. Before we begin looking at the cards we will take some time in this lesson to connect to the element of water. Use this spread for starters:Continue reading “Lesson 78 – The Suit of Cups”

Lesson 75 – Knight of Wands

Welcome class; how have you been? Notices first.  There’s a free Facebook group to accompany this class.  Here you can access additional information such as deck review videos, ideas for practice and free spreads.  Come and say hi. Today’s lesson considers the Knight of Wands.  If we connect our court cards with specific people thenContinue reading “Lesson 75 – Knight of Wands”

Lesson 74 – Page of Wands

It’s the end of the term, and we’re fortunate in class to have a visitor this week. She’s a firecracker, literally; lively, charming, a little bit chaotic and risky.  Welcome ladies and gentlefolks our Page of Wands. Fire is the element of alchemy and transformation and this page brings with her an energy of change.Continue reading “Lesson 74 – Page of Wands”

Lesson 71 – Eight of Wands

It’s all going on here.  It’s exciting.  It’s terrifying.  It’s unexpected.  It’s full on. My cards show many budding wands, eight wands being struck by lightning, meteors hurtling throught the sky, feasting around a roaring fire, powerful energy beams shooting from a warriors palms. I have mentioned more than once in the group (come andContinue reading “Lesson 71 – Eight of Wands”

Lesson 70 – Seven of Wands

Step outside a moment.  We need to be ready for this.  Clench and release your hands, stretch your muscles. Breathe down to the soles of your feet. Draw on the wells of strength which bubble in your sacrum; behind good manners and social niceties. Take a good look at your card/s.  What do you see? Continue reading “Lesson 70 – Seven of Wands”