Lesson 63 – The King of Swords

We’re reaching the end of our journey through the swords today.  It feels like it’s been  a long path, with plenty of challenges along the way.  This card is the summation of the suit in one sense, the reason for the journey.  A card of mastery and competence. I’m using three cards today.  In theContinue reading “Lesson 63 – The King of Swords”

Lesson 62 – Queen of Swords

It’s the start of class.  We’re gathering, putting down bags, chatting.  A hush falls, as someone enters from the door at the back.  Heads turn,  she makes her way down the aisle, steadily, poised, graceful, if she catches your eye you’re both struck by her take-no-prisoners gaze and, just beneath it, a wicked, sharp humour.Continue reading “Lesson 62 – Queen of Swords”

Lesson 61 – Knight of Swords

Well this one is taking no prisoners.  She strides into class, slightly aloof, she’s wearing a T-Shirt from the last protest march she attended.  Welcome the Knight of Swords. In my cards this is usually an adolescent figure.  They may have books around them, they are likely holding a sword.  This to me feels aContinue reading “Lesson 61 – Knight of Swords”