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Fiona has over twenty years experience in teaching and mentoring on spirituality. She believes that each of us has a unique spark of divine magic within us, and our life’s work is to unlock that magic. She follows an earth-based spiritual path rooted in her Celtic ancestry and the folklore of the U.K.

Explore classes and workshops to unlock your inner seer.

Saturday 20th February – 4pm GMT

Charm Oracles – readings step by step

In this workshop in this session we will explore how to build on your charm reading skills including:

  • Reading with charms (review)
  • Asking the question/s
  • Reading the answers.
  • Modelled reading.
  • Skills practice.

Book your seat for £5 via the contact page or email

Saturday April 17th – 4pm GMT

Tarot Courtship – working energetically with the tarot court

In this workshop we will:

  • Explore the tarot court cards energetically and imaginatively.
  • Connect the tarot court cards with our lived experiences to build understanding and deepen insight.
  • Engage imaginatively with these tarot characters to enhance our intuitive readings.

This class will include my PDF workbook on the tarot court cards.

Book your seat for £5 via email to

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What people say: The Witch’s Way on Patreon

“If you are after guidance into the world of witchery, then the Witch’s Way is for you! There are clear directions and pathways which Fiona takes you on. You learn about how to unlock your magic in your own way, while learning the fundamentals of witchcraft. A must for anyone who wants a down to earth witch practice.”

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