Lesson 65 – Two of Wands


Let’s get started.  There’s an energy in the room today, a crackling heat, can you feel it?

Take your two of wands (or several if you have more than one deck) set them out.

What do you notice?

I see two crows, each holding a carved wand in their beaks.  They cross and at the point where they meet sits the earth, suspended in space.

I see a man, holding a globe in his hand, between two wooden poles, staring out across a landscape of mountains and water.

I see a man standing on a mountain top, wild and wind blown between poles wreathed in flame with flame around him.

I see a man and woman, holding each other with one arm and holding a flaming torch in the other, staring into each other’s eyes.

There is fire here.  Strength.  Mastery. Determination. Power.  There is will.

In the positioning of the two poles in some of the cards I also see the image of a doorway, a portal.

A card of confidence, commitment, inner fire; for me the Two of Wands tells me I have the power within to “make it so”, that the gateway is here, ready for me to enter, to step through and release the transforming power of fire into water I am seeking to birth.

Fire is a force to be reckoned with, but in this card we can see that it is our ally, in the alchemy of transformation.

Exercise 65

  • Imagine the story of the figures in your two of wands card.  What brought them to this point?  What are they about to create?
  • What are you longing to bring into reality?  A project, a change in lifestyle or attitude? What does the Two of Wands teach you about this process?
  • Work with the energy of the Two of Wands if you are seeking to boost your confidence, for instance when attending an interview.


Lesson 64 – Ace of Wands

Welcome back, after our “between the suits” break it’s good to see you again.  Get up to anything fun?


Here we are at another beginning.

In the Aces I have in front of me today I can see:

  • In the Crow Tarot a crow  perched atop a wand in front of what looks like a golden road or river.
  • In the Wildwood Tarot I see a bow with an arrow set against a log where it has been used to create fiction and start a fire.
  • I see, in the Sun and Moon tarot, a burning torch.
  • In the Rider-Waite a giant hand emerges from clouds holding a budding branch.

To my mind these speak of beginnings, possibility, fire, divine spark, the place of the divine in our creative drives (the “divine spark”) and openings.

The Ace of Wands is the spark which lights the fire of inspiration, passion, hope, imagination in our lives.  Symbolically Wands are linked with the element of Fire and the Cardinal Direction of South. The Ace of Wands is the thrill in the pit of your stomach when you are inspired about a new creative project, the whisper which sets you off on a hitherto unimagined path, it is the touch paper to the firework, the match to the piece of paper.  When I see this card in a reading I get really excited about what is coming next, but I also know that with a lot of fire, comes a lot of heat and while that creates energy and power, it can also get a little too hot, before we reach the end of the cycle we might get our fingers burned or feel some level of overwhelm.

But for now, enjoy the beauty of this bright flame as it curls and dances, full of promise.

Exercise 64

  • Study your Ace of Wands card.  How has the artist represented this energy in your deck/s?
  • What is it that creates this energy for you?  What is the thing which really motivates you?  For me it is any creative project from planting seeds, to baking cakes, to making art and writing.  What “lights you up” when you think about it and share it with others?
  • Connect to that feeling and explore it as representing the Ace of Wands energy.

Fire starter.

The class is gathering today for a practical activity.  We’re casually dressed and there’s an array of craft tools and supplies spread out around the room.

The suit of Wands is our next area of study.  Linked to the element of fire and the cardinal direction south, wands represent the “divine spark” within us, the passions and fires which fuel, inspire and, at times, drive us.

This is what gives us “energy” and where our zest for life flows from.  In balance this is the nourishing fire of creativity, the warmth of an animated conversation with like-minded souls, the deep, slow burn of good sex.  Out of balance it is overwork, frantic, scorched to cinders, burn out.


To prepare for this next topic I’d like you to make a wand.

You might want to find a suitable piece of wood and whittle it clean, fix it with ribbons and feathers, or mark it with runes,  you might want to roll a piece of newspaper tight and glue it with sequins and glitter.  You might decide your wand is a wooden spoon from the kitchen or a biro from the desk, which you bless and decorate in some way to show it is special.  Whatever feels good for you.  I’d love to see your creations, so feel free to share in the group.

When you’re done practice waving your wand, like Harry Potter when he goes to Olivander’s wand shop.  Feel the energy, the creativity, the life force, the fiery energy.

Carry this with you as we move forwards.

Rest and Review

Here in England, as I write, it is the start of the school summer holidays.  This seems like a good time to review our journey so far.


Firstly if you’ve worked through the lessons so far, thank you for staying with me, cookies are at the front of class.

Secondly a couple of practical exercises.  Take out all your major cards and arrange them in three row of seven.  Remind yourself of the Fool’s journey.

Repeat this with your Pentacles cards and your Swords.

Next take your Magician card (number 1) and place it with the Ace of Pentacles and Swords.  Look for similarities and connections.  Repeat this for other pip cards as time permits, once you get to the 10 you are both completing the cycle and beginning again (by adding the digits 1 + 0 =1).

Finally lay out the two rows of court cards.  Look for similarities and differences.  What would it be like if these were two families out for a day trip or sharing a barbecue.  How would the dynamics work (or not!)


Now take a deep breath and acknowledge and celebrate your own journey as you unlock your diviner’s skills.

You are divine.

Reading Rituals

I wrote a little about this way back in Lesson 2 but I thought it would be good to share my own, current, ritual (it is ever evolving).

We live in a shared house, so the space I have available to read in can vary.  As a result I’ve chosen to have a small basket containing all that I need to create a portable reading space and set the scene for readings.

Firstly I set out my cloth, usually on the floor (I like to sit cross-legged).

Next I lay out some special objects I find helpful.  There’s my Tarot goddess (from Brigid’s Grove), a candle and a selection of crystals to support work with intuition and connecting with guidance including opalite, fluorite and angelite.




I decided that I wanted something specific to wear while I’m reading.  For me this helps create the mindset I need and I opted for a triple goddess mala I got from Sabrina at Lindenherz Creations.


I place the decks I’m going to be using on the altar cloth and then use an aura spray (I like to make my own) to clear the space energetically and create a “clean” working environment.

Last, but not at all least, I centre myself and invite my guides and angels in to work with me on the reading.


The process of setting up the space, this simple, physical ritual, not only creates a place, but also sets the tone energectically and spiritually for the reading.  Finally I light the candle and it’s time to get shuffling!

I hope this is helpful, any questions or comments please do drop by the group to chat and for extra tarot goodness.


Practicum play

I’ve posted this in the Facebook group (come and join us!) but thought it would be worth putting it out here as well.

I thought I’d try a game of tarot consequences. Today I’m using the Everyday Witch tarot.

I pulled one card at a time until there were six…it went something like this:
“Bob, the world famous crystal ball reader,

Con 1

met Cassie, the famous game show star,

Con 2

at a yoga retreat in Boca Raton.

Con 3

He said ‘let me help you with all those brooms

Con 4

and she said ‘thanks because I want to practice my escapology’

Con 5

and the consequence was she found the force and became a Jedi”.

Con 6
It might feel a bit random at first, the idea is just to flow with what comes rather than worrying about traditional meanings. This would also make a great game for tarot practice with a partner, taking it in turns to pull cards. Have fun!